113: Who’s controlling who?

James 3:5a reads,

“So also the tongue is a small part of the body, and yet it boasts of great things.”

When we think of something as small we also tend to associate it as being insignificant. If you’re given a small role in a group project or your boss assigns you the smallest task to do, you feel overlooked and rejected, like you’re not up to par.

Often we perceive the tongue the same way. It’s small, so surely what we say doesn’t really matter.

I only swear a little. I gossip, but not too much. I tell people my opinions, just enough to put them on what I think is the right track. And the list goes on.

When we contribute our voice to the world around us, what’re we saying? Do we speak life or death into situations? Are we praising Jesus and persecuting people? Does what we say line up with who we say we are?

The tongue has great power to hurt or to heal, to give or to steal. Our words really do matter, and we need to treat each thing we say as such. Great power comes with great responsibility, and we are called to be faithful stewards of the gifts we’ve been given. God gave us the ability to speak and communicate for His glory.

Praise, encouragement, love, and grace cannot flow from the same cistern as slander, discouragement, hate, and gossip. In Revelation, Jesus says He wishes that the church was either hot or cold instead of being lukewarm. The same applies to how we use our words. We either need to choose to honor God consistently in the pattern of our thought life and speech, or to glorify our flesh.

I pray today we are reminded that although the tongue is small, what proceeds from it has great potential for good or evil.

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